The Death of “News”- Or the “Birth”of Propaganda!

I will make my position known immediately- I’m a Trump fan. I will explain which Trump I’m a fan of,  because the latest incarnation may be moving too far to the left, for my tastes anyway. It may sound weird- but I feel the Billionaire has more in common with me, then the 100 million dollar woman. My oldest son said, “Trump is just a rich guy!”, my response was (and mind you this was 4 months ago, before Trump was the seeming GOP candidate) if Trump stopped his campaign tomorrow, do you know what he’d do the day after?- “He’d get up, get dressed and go to work, like the rest of us.” Hard to believe it but Trump is the working class hero- especially that the other candidates have made their living for the better part of their lives nursing on the taxpayer teet. I don’t have disdain for Government, but I do for the fraud, waste and nepotism that follows it, under the guise of “public service”. That phrase alone makes me want to puke. Almost all levels f government from local to national- is bleeding off taxpayer funds for individual benefit. Sure, you can make the case that the collective benefits from some of the services that the government provides- but at what cost? Government in a large part- takes a portion of what I pay in taxes and uses it to pay the services of someone as a salary, doing a job as THEY see fit and cause. I really don’t have a say in what services I NEED, it’s all up to them, but in the end it’s collectivism and pooling of taxpayer funds, not generating service or product, with very little regard to efficiency or fairness.  I love when someone responds- “YOU are the Government and the Government is YOU!” please…………. that connotation has been thrown out in the primaries, as we see the Elites steer and pay (not a typo for pave, by the way) the way for one of “theirs” to slide into position of power. We now know how McCain and Romney ended p on a Presidential ticket, without much local support or enthusiasm (it’s been reported that if 3 million more normally voting republicans showed up to vote he would have won) , the Elites rigged the system to their favor, as “We the People” are left scratching our collective heads and pulling the lever for the lessor of two evils.


But, my thoughts started differently, I started on the media. This past weekend- nary a news report on terrorism.  Odd, 7 months after the Paris attacks, a few months after Russia helped us out with ISIS, and now terrorism is off the table? When you think that ONE of the candidates has made a point of being tough on terrorism, and the other seems more concerned with defending Muslim extremism and public relations for the extremists… I find that odd. In my heart I have a greater fear of Islamic extremism then I do from Russia.  One candidate talks of being tough, the other hints toward world war 3, we have to take a moment and sort this out. I believe the media has gone from reporting the news, to having the ability to steer the news in any direction they want. No,longer is it left leaning slant and bias, it’s out right media manipulation. Like the Bob Seeger song lyrics  to Against The Wind- “what to leave in, what to leave out.”


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