What’s a few Trillion, between Chicks Anyway??

What’s the FED to do?
OK here we go, let’s get controversial!
The FED chairperson is a middle aged, white, Jewish Female. I’m going to go out a limb here and assume, Yellen’s choice for President would not be Cruz, Trump or Sanders, but would be the white, middle aged, AIPAC endorsed, pro Israel FEMALE candidate- Hillarious Clinton.
It’s like the “Vagina Vote” on steroids. You know the women who would vote for Kill-lary (interject screeching shrill here) JUST because we have an opportunity to vote the first woman POTUS! Yellen would get to express her Vagina Vote and gets all the collateral issues as a bonus.
Fundamentals- Schmundamentals, Earnings- Schmearnings- Our Central Bank is not going to let this house of cards fall- not now, not during an election year. A solid economy shades toward the incumbent party – and the window dressing of the Stock Market has become a (poor) quasi- indicator of the overall economy. I’ve mentioned before I know people that can’t rub 2 nickels together, and have zero investments, talk about the stock market like it means something to them!
This market has been propped up by easy money- buybacks and minuscule returns of interest over the last 7 years, while the domestic and world economy sputters and lurches forward. Yesterday was an opportunity, after inheriting a 7 point decline in the overnight, for the bottom to fall out, and it didn’t. There is No One left to go short, but, there is money on the sidelines. The short squeeze may provide the initial ignition, as it already has, but the market will catch fire after Yellen’s statement tomorrow.
I’d bet Mike’s vagina on it!
And what’s a trillion more dollars anyway, between chicks, to fuel this fire? The FED has been painting lipstick on this pig for so long- it doesn’t know any other way.


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