Thoughts From Left Field

Post from a left leaning wacko!

“Guys, If you can get your heads around the notion that 2009 was 1932 all over again, calling these markets will be a lot easier….. Americans are turning Left, as then, as more and more are demanding American made products over foreign made and Labor representations are becoming more in demand…… One must remember that the number one change which brought the economic success to America from 1932-1981 was Unions…. Deny it if you must, but history is simply repeating it’s self…… When Income Inequity comes down the Velocity of money increases as more and more people have the funds to spend on the products they want and out of that spending, jobs are created….. Trickle down economics was a HUGE lie that never delivered anything but the transfer of wealth from the average citizen to the already rich….. “Job creators” was also a blatant lie…… Right now we are simply having another 1937 which is freaking out the Conservative Ultra Wealthy (CUWs) as they are losing power as Americans are waking up….. When the next rally starts it ought to run another 50 years like 1932-1981….. Try to enjoy it!… 🙂 ”

My Response: Mike, you as most of the left, love to amplify your positive results and minimize the negatives, while doing the reverse for the opposing political party. Funny how you terminate the end of the prosperity period in 1981? Is this because, to extend the prosperity period would give credence to Reaganomics? Included in your self proclaimed period of prosperity is the Carter years, who everyone, but left wing historical revisionists, will agree, was one of the worst periods of time for the middle class when you factor in mortgage interest rates. I lived through the prosperous 80’s (the Reagan era) – where every factory worker, like my Dad, drove a decent car, could afford a down payment and mortgage, put money away for retirement and made enough to afford to send their kid to college, without saddling them with insurmountable debt! Yeah sure, the leftists redefined the era post hastily to an era of ‘selfishness’. Please someone explain how earning a decent wage and supporting a family, without needing the extortion and racketeering shenanigans of a union and their ilk, can be defined as selfishness!

How does the left talk about the velocity and money multiplier effect of welfare, yet ignore the same EFFECT of tax cuts! Unions fighting for extorted, inflated wages (collective bargaining is NOT free market forces) is good, yet giving the real working non-union middle class small business owners reduced taxes which also results in increased disposable income is bad?

I guess that’s what the left is about, hypocrisy, look what your wonderful unions did for the Auto industry, decimated it, with bloated wages and over weighted pension plans, as the cars were made more and more inferior for “we” the consumer. You probably also conveniently forgot the import tariffs that Reagan placed on foreign auto makers- which forced them to construct assembly factories in America and employ Americans, but of course as a Republican, he had to be the enemy.

The time for Unions fighting for safe labor practices and FAIR wages is long gone, they now use tactics similar to the Mafia, collective bargaining could easily be called extortion and racketeering. But I know you are more beholden to the Union then the economy, we see that first hand. As far as GM (Government Motors), individual private investors, and pension funds all got screwed on bond holdings taking pennies on the dollar, while Obama protected his favorite voting block the Unions, surprise, surprise.

Your Union Hero- Obama, has done more to widen the income gap than any President in the history of the US- but I know, campaign rhetoric and bumper stickers mean more then facts, he’s on your side. I’ll take trickle down economics any day over trickle up poverty, facts are facts.

Response:  Reaganomics was a failure… The rally from 1982-1999 was brought by Paul Volcker (appointed by Carter) who stopped inflation, period….. Reagan appointed Greenspan who favored the removal of Glass-Stegall which brought the crash of 2007). I will say it again…. Democrats rule and the people win…. Republicans rule and the people lose…. Up to you whether you study economic history…. ”

Retort from the Intelligent Me!

Please re-read my first line- EXACTAMONDO!

And you’re a Canadian? Born in England? Jeez- you have Socialism running through your blood stream (maybe bordering on a Commie slant). NOW I know why you can’t understand a free market and the dynamics that make it superior- you’ve never seen one. Why don’t you tell us all about your Socialist- lite health care system, I see snowbird Canadian patients all winter long that are happy to get an MRI down the road on the same day, at a reasonable price, rather then driving 4 hours for one in Canada under your crappy, everyone is covered plan!

And even a communist monkey could end inflation with a 21.5% prime rate- and to you, that’s some kind of miracle?
What about the mortgage rates?- that hits the REAL little people trying to afford a roof over their heads.
By the way Volker was appointed by Carter and Re-Appointed by REAGAN (1983)!!

And Reagan is blamed for the repealing of GS 11 years after he left office? Now me, being an American, and proud of it, remember MY Presidents pretty good, and in 1999- another left wing hero (of yours) was in the Presidency for the second year of his second term, Clinton? I guess this is how you liberals think, that Reagan pulled some strings and 11 years later it happens, is that the same reason that Obama’s stimulus hasn’t worked yet? Maybe we’ll see some real wage and GDP growth 11 years after he Obumbler leaves office (and the resulting closing of the income gap that you conveniently ignore) .

And if you determine the failure of a system based on created PROSPERITY, how can anyone argue with facts? Where do you Canucks get this crap? Maybe that’s why your 2 greatest exports are Molson Export Ale and Pam Anderson (20 years younger!) oh yeah, and Alex Trabek, (he’s a genius, he got out!).


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