Heading into October- Scary Kids!

Friday 09-25-2015- was a weird day, after Yellen’s do over speech, where she re-defined the fact that inaction was not to be confused with weakness (although it maybe, and the weakness would be acted upon), the morning seemed to to show some strength, only to fail in the last 2 hours. We are definitely in a short term downtrend- with some pretty significant headwinds and resistance above us. I wouldn’t put it past the FED to use a stealth form of QE- that wouldn’t be obvious to the dumb money (us). Operation twist comes to mind. With the amount of energy and money the FED has used to prop up the market- I find it hard to believe they’ll let it fall by the wayside now, yet it may be out of their control, when enough of the smart money loses faith, the results could be devastating.


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